Best Extracurricular activities of kids

Each season seems to have a break for kids. Some of the breaks are longer than others, but when it comes to keeping children busy, even a long weekend can test a parent’s nerve. One of the greatest things about extra curricular activities is they allow kids to burn energy, but also learn something in the process. A couple of the best extra curricular activities teach kids values that they will take with them for the duration of their lives. The two activities parents should consider include archery and martial arts.

What’s So Great About The Bow?
Shooting arrows for practice or sport, from a bow that makes it possible with precise aim at high speed, can be fun and exhilarating. In the history of the sport, it was originally used for hunting and warfare. Studies report that the practice has been around for hundreds of years, dating back to ancient times. Shooting a bow properly takes lots of practice and a sturdy bow. There are various targets a person can use to perfect their aim. If even more practice is needed, a person doesn’t have to head to a range to shoot. With a large piece of land at home, setting up a range can be easier than it sounds.

Setting Up Targets
Foam blocks are a common choice when making targets for shooting. Foam blocks are light weight, and easy to find in sporting goods stores. They last a long time, are affordable, and they’re easy to attach a picture to. Bag targets are another popular option, and sometimes they are already set up with a picture on them. They are prefilled with a dense material that will keep the arrow from completely passing through.

Staying Safe
Archery can be a fun sport for children, but parents must remember that this sport can be very dangerous. Injury is a risk for anyone on the other side of the bow as well as the shooter. Anytime someone is handling the bow it is important for them and their audience to wear proper eye gear.  Additionally, parents should consider getting a youth bow like the PSE Razorback (here’s a detailed review) for their kids to practice with!

Why Is The Combat Sport An Additional Option?
Martial arts comes in various forms but it also offers self help to individual learners. With this sport, kids will learn:

  1. self defense
  2. discipline
  3. spiritual development

This is an umbrella of combat sports that teaches far more than the act of fighting. Fighting with the bow and arrow is a part of this sport’s ancient history. Parents can choose to have their children learn either the most popular forms or the most difficult. In the end, the child will take away something that will stay with them forever. This sport can involve a weapon, but not all techniques require one. Parents who place their children in these activities can expect to attend combat presentations and even matches that may or may not involve contact. Kids will present their movements and display their understanding of how to hold certain attention forms. In addition to the personal benefits one can acquire with learning this sport, there are also levels of growth one can reach. Being elevated to a next level is a definite confidence and self esteem booster. This is an extra curricular activity that’s worth the investment.